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Jealous - Kimmy June (Bio)

In the southern region of the Netherlands, on the hottest day of ‘94, a tiny girl with a big voice and an even bigger heart was born. Kimmy June (Kim van der Gouw) is a Dutch country singer-songwriter. Her musical journey commenced at the age of four, when she discovered Ilse DeLange’s first album ‘World of Hurt’. From that moment on, her love for country music became an integral part of her.


She spent her teenage years living in Austria, where she developed herself further as a guitarist and as a singer. A series of self-composed songs quickly followed. Kimmy June's lyrics resonate with themes of introspection, personal growth, empowerment and emotional vulnerability. Her words often reflect inner struggles, self-doubt and the journey towards finding one's identity and purpose. 


Kimmy June's mission is to bring the well-known Nashville sound to Europe and ensure that this genre receives the recognition it deserves. She has already gathered the right group of like-minded people who are committed to creating country music that will leave a significant mark both in the studio and on stage.


In September 2020, Kimmy released her first single ‘Mellow Lark’, a song about embracing your insecurities and how to deal with them. Inspired by her idols Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Ilse DeLange, Dolly Parton and The Chicks, Kimmy is teaming up with producer Nick Jongejan and other singer-songwriters to create her debut EP. Her latest single ‘Jealous’, is now available for streaming!

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