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Jealous - Kimmy June

Titel: Jealous

Written by: Inge van Asseldonk, Sylvia Aimee Hijgemann, Amber Kamminga 

                                & Kim van der Gouw

Produced by: Nick Jongejan

Release: August 18, 2023

Genre:  Country-Pop

Let's be honest, haven't we all experienced jealousy at some point? Yet, admitting it can be a challenge when that green-eyed monster makes his appearance. Kimmy June takes on this challenge with her new single 'Jealous'. Prepare yourself for a charming country song with honest lyrics and an irresistible melody. The song takes you on a journey into Kimmy June's inner world of jealousy, insecurity, self-reflection, and eventual self-acceptance.

Titel: Homeward Bound

Written by: Robin van Beek & Kim van der Gouw

Pruduced by:  Patrick Drabe

Release: November 12, 2021

Genre:  Country

The pre-chorus and chorus of Kimmy June's second single, 'Homeward Bound,' were also crafted during her participation in the sing- and Songwritingbootcamp in Italy. This song delves into a childhood memory. During her teenage years in Austria, she saw an unknown woman sitting on the steps in front of her house several times a week. Kimmy June captured this situation in a song and wants to express with this song that work is not the most important thing in life and that it is perfectly fine to be at home more often and take care of oneself and others.

Kimmy June haar tweede single 'Homeward Bound'.
Kimmy June haar eerste single 'Mellow Lark'

Titel: Mellow Lark

Written by: Nils Westerhoff, Robin van Beek & Kim van der Gouw

Produced by:  Patrick Drabe

Release: September 4, 2020

Genre:  Country

Do you also have moments when your insecurity takes over and you actually lose yourself completely? June 2018, Kimmy June attended a sing- and songwritingbootcamp by Vocal Center in Italy for the first time. It was at this magical place nestled among the mountains that Kimmy June was born, and 'Mellow Lark' was written. The single revolves around an inner conflict, allowing positive changes in life, and rediscovering lost youthful joy. During that week, Kimmy June underwent significant personal growth, rediscovered her freedom and joy, and healed her inner child.

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